17 次
    subjectBrand AKG&HUAWEISpecificationsSuitable model HUAWEI flat M3Features M3 tablet customized AKG brand high fidelity headphones, with the M3 tablet to enjoy the HiFi sound qualityattributeThe l
  • Apple Watch Sport

    19 次
    Silver, deep empty gray, gold, or rose gold anodized metal case
  • HUAWEI honor portable source

    5 次
    9V2A bi-directional fast charging, more saving charge; comfortable grip, anti slip design, to give you the multiple protection of the rechargeable treasure.
  • HUAWEI Small Swan Bluetooth Speakers

    5 次
    Sound touch is hair! Singing "Swan", 360 degree sound effect technology, sound quality more real nature, simple touch control operation, multiple voice selection, support Bluetooth hands-free call.

    0 次
    Omnidirectional recording / pointing playback, directional hands-free gesture, finger joint gesture, split screen multi window, voice control, situational intelligence, single handed operation, magazine lock screen, mobile phone retrieving, wireless WIFI printing, student mode, multi screen interaction, sports health.
  • HUAWEI player 6X

    5 次
    Large aperture, beauty, charm, my professional camera, ten skin, HDR, camera, panoramic, shutter, streamer delicacy watermark, sound picture, document correction, slow motion

    8 次
    subjectBrand HUAWEI HUAWEIModel NCE-AL00 (full Netcom)Communication name HUAWEI enjoy 6Full network versionNovember 2016 market time
  • Lenovo 30600i

    2 次
    storageMemory capacity 4GBHard disk capacity 1TThe memory capacity of 2GBBasic parametersBrand Lenovo/ AssociationVideo card type independent development card
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